Lunch Delivery, Box Lunches, and Lunch Catering in Salt Lake City

Lunch, the only break that we get from a long and arduous work day. No matter how bad the day looks, lunch is one of those things you can always look forward to and enjoy every single workday in the year. Bringing in the new year, Fetch plans on allowing everyone to enjoy more of their lunches by providing direct delivery of box lunches and other forms of lunch catering directly to offices and homes. In this article I wanted to further explain Fetch’s reasoning behind why we started with lunch delivery rather than dinner or all-day delivery. And also, I wanted to go through how small restaurants in downtown Salt Lake City provide a really nice variety of food that we should all be capitalizing upon.

Lunch and Box Lunch Delivery by Fetch Food

Why FetchFood started with Lunch Delivery

Like I stated in the introduction, lunch is one of the best parts of my workday. It gives me a chance to relax and revel in the company of colleagues while discussing life and relieving stress. I get my best ideas when just talking with friends and not thinking about work. It’s also the time that restaurants are at their busiest. From 11 AM – 2 PM, restaurants in downtown Salt Lake City get completely packed by the lunch crowd. This is also the worst time to ask for a delivery because most restaurants can’t afford to get an employee to go and deliver you your sandwich even when you’re willing to pay for it!

So naturally, Fetch Food started with delivering lunch in downtown Salt Lake. Since being acquired by the new owners in October, we’ve expanded our delivery range to include the university and even to go as far as 900 S where all those yummy restaurants like Mazaa and Thai Garden & Noodle House are. So all our customers at the U of U and research park are welcome to order delicious food from a variety of restaurants in Salt Lake ranging from American food from Rich’s Burgers in downtown, to french fusion cuisine from Gourmandise, and even exotic lebanese food from Cedars of Lebanon.

We’re constantly adding new restaurants to please our customers….all for a nominal price. You really should try out our delivery service. Within 1 hour, you’ll have food to really spark a conversation!

Delicious lunches that you can have delivered

Box Lunch and Catering from Gourmandise in Salt Lake City
Post #1: Gourmandise

I’ll make this the first of a series of blog posts about several of downtown’s finest restaurants that deliver through our service. Initially, I’ll start out with Gourmandise, the Bakery, a delicious french fusion cuisine restaurant located in the heart of downtown.

You must try out their desserts!
Yumm, if you haven’t had any of the delicious desserts from Gourmandise, you haven’t lived yet. Their Tiramisu cake is to die for! Every year, Gourmandise wins an award for having some of the best desserts in Salt Lake City. On their website they state that they were voted “Best Desserts”, “Best Bakery” (CitySearch & City Weekly) and “Best Quick Fix for Happiness” (City Weekly) year after year.

Paninis and other hot items
If you aren’t in the mood for something sweet, then why not try out one of their delicious paninis? Or perhaps you can try one of their combination soups and salads. My personal favorites include the Portobello Panini (when I’m in the mood for something vegetarian) and The Grilled Chicken Pesto Panini (a melt in your mouth goodie!).

Drinks and Juices
Gourmandise is also a full-featured cafe with everything from hot chocolate to coffee and tea. From this single restaurant, an extravagant lunch could include a delicious pastry, a hot panini sandwich, and a latte for just around $12 ! Items in Gourmandise are definitely worth their weight in gold.

They can always provide these items in boxes for larger group gatherings (Lunch for a Bunch) or for the single customer who just wants something delicious. Catering from Gourmandise will definitely make you an office hit!

Try them out and look forward to the rest of our posts on our blog.

Until next time!
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