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Your favorite local restaurants

now offer delivery.


Your favorite local restaurants now offer delivery.

   How it Works ▼  

It's simple.

You place an order with us,
and we pick it up and deliver it.

Competitive Rates

Delivery shouldn't be expensive. Simply pay $3 or 15% of the order total. Some restaurants even offer free delivery.

Online Ordering

Our website contains the full menus of your favorite restaurants. Simply pick what you want, pay online, and we'll bring you your food.

Local Restaurants

Our community is important. We offer food from a variety of small, local restaurants, and connect you with your delicious neighborhood eats.

Fast & Efficient

We'll tell you the soonest available time we can deliver your food, and coordinate with our other deliveries.

What Our Customers are Saying

If you haven't used Fetch, you're doing lunch wrong.

This type of delivery in Salt Lake is almost too good to be true. If you haven't tried Fetch Food, do it now!

The ordering process is why I like using their delivery system. I don't have to talk to anyone on the phone, or yell out my credit card number at the office. It's easy to use, they make it super simple.

Not convinced? Check out more reviews on Yelp.

A Salt Lake City Startup

We are a local company,
committed to delivering local food.


Fetch Food was started by University of Utah students in Salt Lake City, Utah. The first delivery zone was Downtown Salt Lake City, and the area now features over 40 partnered restaurants. Fetch Food delivers to many downtown homes and offices.

Sugar House

Fetch Food is currently expanding into the eclectic Sugar House neighborhood. Featuring Westminster College and many local businesses, there is a high demand for food delivery from delicious neighborhood restaurants.


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